matthewwwwmark (matthewwwwmark) wrote in learnphilosophy,


I am not the most learned in the field of Philosophy, but I am changing that. I recently sat down to right an article for a college magazine about the philosophical view and psychological outlook on college relationships. From my general knowledge, I was able to make vast references to Nieztche and others, but I came to a conclusion I would like to see if there was more information on. I came to the conclusion that every single person can act a certain way at anytime when faced with any kind of situation, almost a mathematical equation of the sort. I also came to the conclusion that it may be almost impossible to judge a person by these circumstances, and in fact it is very hard to judge a person at all because of this so called "equation." I was wondering if anyone could suggest something that is close to this theory. I'd like to believe I created it, but I'm sure I didn't at all. Any help is much appreciated.
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