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Stoicism. Epictetus: "The Art of Living" by Sharon Lebell.

Hi friends,

I'm finally done posting the best parts from the book The Art of Living, by Sharon Lebell!

She paraphrases the two major works of the Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus, "The Enchiridion" and "The Discourses."

Please read! I find this advice very very PRACTICAL. I will review it and try to follow it regularly, in my own life.

I summed up the book in 24 entries on my blog:

· Epictetus (#24): Control your tongue. Good habits. Live now.
· Epictetus (#23): Moral intuition. Anger. Why be good? Reason. Self-heal.
· Epictetus (#22): The Virtuous Are Consistent
· Epictetus (#21): Forgive Over and Over and Over
· Epictetus (#20): World citizen. Overvaluing success. Books. Choosing companions.
· Epictetus (#19): Suspicious of convention.
· Epictetus (#18): Self-sufficiency. Baby steps.
· Epictetus (#17): Avoid self-conceit. Stop jabbering, look, and listen.
· Epictetus (#16): Inner serenity. Preventing little things from bothering you.
· Epictetus (#15): Why be good? The real purpose of philosophy
· Epictetus (#14): We are the source of good & bad. Actions. Live your ideals!
· Epictetus (#13): Clear thinking. Using right names. Action, not talk! Live simply.
· Epictetus (#12): Moderation. Inner excellence. False impressions. 2 Handles.
· Epictetus (#11): Avoid immediate gratification. Take a stand. Manners.
· Epictetus (#10): Body. Sex. Dealing with criticism. Dignity.
· Epictetus (#9): Controlling our tongues. Choosing our friends/companions.
· Epictetus (#8): Faithfulness. Events are impersonal. Generosity. Define yourself.
· Epictetus (#7): Stoic comic. Our responsibilities to people close to us
· Epictetus (#6): Focus on what you can control. Reduce your desires.
· Epictetus (#5): Audio versions. Brian Johnson. Zaadz. Thinkarete.
· Epictetus (#4): Why Would Anyone Be a Stoic?
· Epictetus (#3): Happiness---the real purpose of philosophy. Why be virtuous?
· Epictetus (#2): Wholeheartedly commit to your goals
· Epictetus (#1): "The Art of Living" by Sharon Lebell

I hope this wise advice will help you sort through this confusing world, become a better person, and improve your happiness!

Coming soon: I will start posting parts of "The Meditations," by the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. I think this is the best translation of it: The Emperor's Handbook, by C. Scot Hicks and David V. Hicks.

Bill Clinton and other leaders, throughout history, have gained much wisdom, inner peace, and character from studying Marcus Aurelius. We all may do the same.

Please leave comments on my posts. I'd love to have a discussion about their ideas.
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