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Addressing this cheerful community of inquirers

Hello, readers of learnphilosophy. I’m a recent newcomer to this community, and hope to generate some fruitful dialogue with and amongst its members. I have noticed the posts in here are somewhat infrequent, and wonder what might be done to increase output. Most of you, like me, post in communities such as this only sporadically. But I wonder if some of us might take it upon ourselves to commit to posting once every couple weeks.

I think it would also profit us to get a feel for what interests us as members of this community. To this end, we could briefly share our interests in philosophy—what we want to learn, what we want to get out of this community, etc. Break up the anonymity; share. Philosophy requires, in Peirce’s words, a “community of inquirers.” Now, I can tell there are some people in here who share a few interests of mine (e.g., Epictetus and Kierkegaard), and I wouldn’t be surprised if others turn up.

A little about my own interests: in other communities, I have explored questions concerning Aristotle’s ethics, Aquinas’s metaphysics, Reformed epistemology (Plantinga’s theory of knowledge), Intelligent Design Theory (in contrast to the Design Argument), and the relationship between divine sovereignty and human freedom. In my personal journal, I have investigated and/or argued about things such as aesthetic realism (beauty ain’t just in the head), Kierkegaard’s indirect communication and use of pseudonyms, his so-called fideism, Martin Buber’s I and Thou, the pertinence of semiotics, and much else besides. My interests may strike some as esoteric, but if any of these things intrigue you, let me know. I would like to post something that catches your eye in some way, or makes you think about things in a new light.

So: What kind of philosophy captivates you? What draws your attention? What (and how) do you want to learn about philosophy? Are you into metaphysics? ethics? philosophy of human nature? philosophy of religion? philosophy of history? history of philosophy? Do you enjoy discussing existentialism? analytic philosophy? phenomenology? neoplatonism? medieval scholasticism? bizarre sex? Let us know!
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