Ben Ostrowsky (sylvar) wrote in learnphilosophy,
Ben Ostrowsky

Non-philosophy grad seeks inroads to philosophy MA

My wife is an MA student in philosophy. I'm a librarian. I've got a BA in linguistics and MA in library science (so, technically, an MLS). Because I've been engaging in philosophy research to help my wife, I've begun thinking about becoming an academic librarian and working within philosophy -- either as a library liaison to the philosophy department or as a subject-matter expert in the library.

I've got some unofficial background in philosophy, but not so much as a freshman-level course if you look at my transcript. I can hold my own at parties and in discussions in the philosophy grad student lab, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to just talk my way into a slot at even an unranked (but accredited) MA program. And I'm pretty sure that I need a philosophy MA to qualify for such jobs.

Where do you think I should start? Should I take a freshman-level class as a non-degree-seeking student? Should I start a bit higher than that, or just start with a really low-level survey of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, ... on up to maybe 19th-20th century, and then later on get into stuff like MacIntyre, Foot, Korsgaard et al.?

EDIT: The GRE wouldn't be a problem. I got 800/800/770 when I took it in 1996, and if nobody trusts a GRE score from 1996 anymore, I'm sure I'd be able to get at least a combined 1400-1500 with a modicum of preparation...
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