essius (essius) wrote in learnphilosophy,

New semiotics community

Hello, friends.

As the previous maintainer of this community—atacuivel—has graciously granted me maintainership over this community, I am inviting those who are interested to join a newer community I have created called sign_studies. This community will promote semiotic study, the study of signs and semiosis (sign-action, sign-processes). Semiotics offers an inherently interdisciplinary field of inquiry, as well as a perspective that should appeal to anyone interested in philosophy, psychology, phenomenology, cognition, communication, meaning, language, etc., so I hope to attract a diverse group of intelligent and reflective thinkers. Please peruse the community profile for more info.

Since learnphilosophy has been rather inactive of late, I also encourage members to post. Right now.

Your friendly, neighborhood moderator,
Stephen (essius)
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