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Илья Храбров

Poesophy part.1



Time is something an average  between

that the friend the friend is pregnant:

movement and an idea.

The first the last the clothes called time,

dresses in sense.

Temporariness inside of sense - moves,

immovable in sense - It is thought.

I also do the conclusion

that time is think of a seed:

outside of an idea time - movement,

but in an idea movement - time.





Energy this maintenance of the necessity

adjoining between time and light,

substantiated in the present.

Temperature -a measure of objectivity of energy

in work for the subject,

and mass of the future in an event.

Energy as idea - light,

light as a matter - color.

Movement is the form of work,

development wave asymmetry,

outside of time energy - freedom,

but light outside of freedom -energy.




Matter is external generality,

to self-identificate in a matrix of distinctions,

made external in singularities through perception.

Idea -  reflection of spirituality,

to informate the existence of presence,

in internity of infinity of notions.

Weight as rest of time –Inertia of the present,

energy as the form of freedom - a evidence of an event.

The space identifies also time

change as distinctions movement,

for reason, the essence of being is idea,

for sensation, being of essence - a matter.






The border is space of denying,

being of itself in other,

in from itself reflected objectivity.

Distinguishing the form from the maintenance,

the border is identified in it,

 as essence of a intoing of appearance.

Border as influence - subjectivity,

border as resistance - objectivity.

How time aspires in eternity,

in freedom the reason aspires,

where essence in itself - Infinity,

where essence for itself - border.







System  is  an essence of transition,

energy организующего in norm,

from the whole through parts in the purpose.

Movement - a matter of freedom,

structure -  essence of the form,

to informate  in model.

Whole for parts –an organism,

parts for a whole - an mechanism.

As plurality in unit,

in itself is reflected the scheme,

where in a thing structure - borders,

and essence of parts where - system.







Essence is the matter of true

passing in the form in idea,

identifying distinctions and understanding.

Quality especial in mental

the world in general will dress,

essence unity of the maintenance.

General as infinity of essence? Ideality,

the form as essence final? Materiality.

The unity makes multitude,

borders denying fluidity –

in distinction the identity is true,

but in identity the true is essence.






Movement is a time of a line

rest is a line of time,  

force is rest of movement.

Matter of time effort,

embodies in movement.

Making out change

Change as a life of movement -acceleration,

Movement as death of change - becoming.

Speed is forces age,

in spatial measurement.

Outside of force movement – speed,

but in speed force – movement.






The life is a reason of being,

change is  being of a life,

movement is a border

between change and I.

The death through “I”-prism

in movement lasts.

Change through being - life,

Life through change - sense.

Time is an axis of change,

Time is an axis of change,

change is movements sense.

outside of true the life is movement,

but true in eternity - life.







Value is external I,

culture is internal we,

a choice is a space of value.

Internally choosing itself,

value turns

to cultural sense of appearance.
Value in culture - spirituality,

value in a civilization - conventionality.

Spirituality in a choice one

in culture to leave eternity:

outside of eternal value - the price,

but eternal in spiritual - value.






Conscience is reason of love,

the duty is freedom wish,

conscience owes to freedom:

by kindness to release others,

by reproach of the silence itself

to be released in the God.

Fault as a pain of conscience -validity,

love as conscience of validity -favour.

Love -  is a freedom of a duty,

and validity, - a duty valour,

for a duty conscience is a honour,

for validity the honour – the conscience.






The will is authority above itself,

the authority is will above others.

The will recovers a direction,

and doing the world destiny,

freedom of destiny in the world-

the will inspires in a pressure.

The duty as the center of will -  Good Honour,

freedom as the center of a duty – The good Gospel’s message.

The reason is a duty a measure,

a belief is a freedom’s share,

outside of reason will -belief,

but in reason belief - will.



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