Илья Храбров (milosvet) wrote in learnphilosophy,
Илья Храбров

Poesophy part 3

This  is experimental direction in a science and the literature through merge of poetry and a science (philosophy). This direction did not exist till now in the pure state. Earlier there was a direction in poetry? Philosophical poetry (Empedocl, V. Solovyov, M.Voloshin, I.Brodsky, O.Khajyam, etc.), but did not exist directions in a science of philosophy?  in  rhyrm philosophical gamble. One of representatives of German classical philosophy F.Schelling, named a similar direction didactic poetry.

The method of rhyming of philosophical positions is entered for popularization and generalization of philosophical questions which arise in connection with disclosing of the basic concepts describing surrounding and a private world of the person. Therefore, in any way it is impossible to name poetry and verses Poesophy, even, in spite of the fact that externally poeses (so I name each separate product in Poesophy) Are similar to verses. In the Poesophy I try to reflect where probably to generalize, and in process of intellectual opportunities to develop, ideas of representatives of philosophy and a science since the most ancient times (an ancient philosophy, and ancient religious doctrines) finishing modern concepts of a postmodernism and poststructuralism and existentialism, not passing thus medieval and German classical philosophy, sociology, Russian historiosophy, and scientific divinity.

By means of poeses, in a cycle Poesophy, I have tried to open such concepts close to everyone person as: time, essence, authority, money, value, conscience, kindly, the true, system, etc. Poesophy is difficult for perception, however it is calculated on the people who are not having intellectual taste to metaphysics in the classical (is textual-speculative) form and to whom it would be reasonably interesting will familiarize with philosophical gamble in more accessible and popular (art) form. Section? Поэсофия? It will be probably interesting to such segment of the reader which is inclined to search for the classical maintenance in the new form.

               I think that Poesophy may be intresting for the mass auditory, and I want to offer you the partnership for publishing of Poesophy. It published in internet in Russian edition (http://www.stihi.ru/readers.html?milosvet), and it published on paper forms in Russia.


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