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Learn Philosophy!

You have stumbled upon learnphilosophy, a community for those with interest, but not necessarily training, in philosophy.

The purpose of this community is to bring together those who want to discuss and learn about philosophy (their own and others') in a relaxed and supportive setting. People with all levels of experience in philosophy can benefit from an explanatory (as opposed to critical) approach to philosophy. Critiques of posts are encouraged, but the purpose of learnphilosophy is to be friendly to beginners and not to assume anything but an interest in the subject. I (atacuivel, the community manager) hope that the focus on non-technical (or, technical with explanation) discussion will allow everyone to participate, and promote greater understanding of philosophical concepts for all concerned.

This community is also open to discussion/explanation of philosophers' work, in order that everyone might benefit from understanding the thinkers who have come before them. Whenever possible, free online resources/texts will be cited by me, the community manager.

What is assumed:
  • An active interest in the practice of philosophy
  • A sense of what does and does not constitute a philosophical discussion
  • Moderate ability of self-expression
What is not assumed:
  • Having read philosophy
  • Having taken a class on it
  • Knowledge of any terms
Before posting in this community, members should be sure that their post is well thought-out, and that they are ready to receive feedback on it. Hopefully, said post would also be provocative to think about, even for those with more experience in philosophy. Also, any terms or concepts not widely in use should be explained, or an explanatory resource offered.

All members (or prospective members) are free to email me with suggestions, comments, questions, or criticisms. I promise to extend support/help if needed.

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